What Is The Snail Cream

      The snail cream is an organic beauty cream product that has been found to significantly improve the elasticity, firmness, density and texture of the skin.

      It’s an ideal solution for people who are suffering from spots, scars, skin blemishes, acne, wrinkles and stretch marks


      Some Of The Immediate Benefits Of Using Snail Cream Are As Follows:

      • It helps fight against acne and helps get rid of any acne scars
      • It heals and regenerates damaged tissues, cells and imperfections from the face, hands and body.
      • It softens scars issues making them less visible
      • It acts as an exfoliate, eliminating dead cells and brightens the skin
      • It smoothes out wrinkles and helps delay the aging process of skin tissues
      • It reduces and smoothes out stretch marks…perfect for moms after giving birth


      Find out more about the benefits of snail creams here


      what is snail cream


      Snail Cream In Use Today

      Snail creams are extremely popular in Korea and most parts of Asia.

      Almost every major Korean cosmetics brand has their own version of the Snail cream.

      The interest in snail cream has now spread round the globe…

      Below are some of the reports on snail cream usage


      • Even CNN has written about it – here
      • And NBC news – Here
      • Mail On Line News – Here


      Here Are Some Videos Talking About The Rise In Use Of Snail Cream




      Snail Cream Products

      As more and more people become aware of the benefits of snail slime there has been an increase not only in snail slime products but the other benefits that snails might have in relation to humans and also in the business of farming snails (see SnailFarmingBusiness.com).

      Snail slime products now come in different formats and in different shapes and sizes


      Here are now some of the forms in which snail slime come in :

      • face creams
      • face mask
      • soap bars
      • makeup starter kits
      • bubble cleansers
      • eye patches
      • hand and nail creams


      What Is Snail Cream Made From?

      The Snail cream is an organic cosmetic that contains helix aspersa muller glycoconjugates, or snail slime.

      It is made from the same secretions that allows the snail to quickly heal and rebuild its shell whenever it is broken.

      When snails are damaged or irritated in any form, the snail produces a thick fluid to rapidly repair it’s shell or any damaged area of its skin or tissue.

      It is this thick fluid that the snail produces that has been found to contain ingredients that are also beneficial to human beings.

      Some of the ingredients that the snail secrets during this process include glycoprotein enzymes, proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid, and antimicrobial and copper peptides.

      These substances are known to work as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and immunomodulators in human beings and are also known to help regulate the immune system.

      It is these substances that are contained within snail creams

      The snail cream is now extensively used in the cosmetic industry  as the ingredients found in snail slime are thought to be beneficial in treating a number of skin complaints.

      10 Facts About Snail Cream

      Snail Cream Beauty Tips

      Why Use Snail Cream


      Some of the uses for which snail scream are used are as follows:

      • snail cream is used as a treatment to help soften skin scarring
      • snail cream is used to help fight acne
      • snail cream is used this cream is thought to reduce inflammation,
      • The snail cream is used to promote skin regeneration, and
      • protect and moisturize the skin.


      Is The Snail Cream A New Phenemenom?

      No… Not at all

      Although you might not have heard of using snail slime as a natural cosmetic, this practice has been around for ages

      The practice of using snail cream as a healing agent dates back as far as ancient Greece, where it was often prescribed by the physician Hippocrates (the father of Western medicine)

      Hippocrates often prescribed a concortion of crushed snails and milk for his patients who suffered from red, irritated skin. He also discovered that the snail serum was moisturizing and could also, with long-term usage, help keep the skin clear and attractive.

      The difference nowadays is that snails are no longer crushed; instead, snails are mildly stimulated so their secretions may be gathered.


      Top Brands Selling The Snail Cream

      There are now a lot of top brands manufacturing the snail cream.

      If you are looking to try out the snail cream … here are some of the best selling brands on the market




      What Is The Snail Cream

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